Title: Kamikaze Love - Season 1

Genres: Documentary TV


Stars: Updating

Total episodes: 26 Episodes

Subtitle: None

Year: 2012

Country: United States United States

Every woman dreams of great, romantic sex. The kind that knocks your socks and everything else off. The kind that takes you over completely until there is nothing else and you can’t live without it. But be careful what you wish for… You just might get it.

Victoria is a beautiful, young woman just beginning to succeed in L.A. as a jewelry designer. Then she meets Jack, a handsome and enormously rich entrepreneur... and her life changes forever.

He courts her with a combination of charm and sensuality that she finds irresistible. Everything is better and more intense than she has ever experienced before ΓÇô the romance, the sex, the orgasms, everything.

No matter what he asks, she will do it to please him. She doesnΓÇÖt see herself as a victim. She is a willing co-conspirator. How far will she go? As far as she dares.

He continues to push the erotic envelope further and further, plunging Victoria into a world of sexuality that she never dreamed existed.

Finally, it gets too much for her. The love affair turns toxic. She tries to leave him but he wonΓÇÖt let her go. He canΓÇÖt bear to let her go. And that begins a dark, downward spiral that almost costs Victoria her sanity and her life.

She is able to escape by the skin of her teeth and then decides to tell her story as a cautionary tale for other women who have may face this same kind of thrilling but dangerous total sexual possession.

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